In the kitchen


A word about our cuisine

Le Mess, located on the site of the Arsenaal, offers a crisply fresh menu that follows the rhythm of the seasons. We present healthy, delicious dishes – made with local ingredients. Experience the warmth and enthusiasm of our welcome. Then choose your table – on the terrace or under the grapevines in the greenhouse, on the first floor or at the bar. You decide!

We wish you a simple, but very tasty, culinary experience at Le Mess, from your welcome to your plate.

Mess pesto recipe

250 ml extra virgin oil

150 gr Parmesan

200 gr cashew nuts

75 gr spinach

75 gr basil

salt & pepper

Mix all


Our producers

The mess favors local producers for its cuisine.


PERMA FIUNGI is a cooperative with a social purpose that grows delicious oyster mushrooms and chicory in the cellars of Tour Taxis, using recycled coffee grounds.

Graines de curieux

Fresh, local and Belgian! Graines de Curieux is the brand name for products from Belgian sustainable agriculture by the company Land, Farm Men. Our flagship product at Graine de Curieux is the delicious quinoa made in Belgium.


A group of local, seasonal, sustainable fruit and vegetable producers distributed by Restofrais.

Urbi leaf

URBI LEAF is an urban farm in a cellar dedicated to the cultivation of micro-sprouts. Super small plants with great nutritional qualities, grown just a stone’s throw from our homes, available in all seasons with a low ecological footprint.


The Brussels Aquaponics Farm produces high quality, super-fresh healthy products distributed across the in Brussels region. We cultivate aromatic herbs, fruits, vegetables fish.

Smile kombucha

Kombucha is a delicious fermented beverage produced by fermenting tea with a culture of bacteria yeast. The result is a refreshing and healthy drink combining the virtues of tea antioxydants with the organic acids probiotics of raw fermentation.

Chèvrerie du cadeau

Alain Chantal live in Pont-à-Celles. They started their farm in 2008 with the help of their sons. Today they work with 100 goats a dozen cows who help them make their delicious local cheese.


Our breads are organic, naturally gluten-free, fermented with natural yeast made with rice and buckwheat flours.

Kéfir eau vertueuse

The ingredients of this Belgian Kefir are all organic: water, lemons and kefir grains that are fermented, beet sugar, figs dates.

Domaine la Falize

Domaine La Falize has been an active farm for many years. From its conversion to organic farming 20 years ago, its activities have been accompanied by a desire to protect biodiversity.


We produce organic mushrooms young herbs in the centre of Brussels.

Brasserie de la senne

Brasserie de la Senne is at the origins of the ’new wave’ of craft beer in Brussels.

Mano Mano

The unique flavour of this coffee is the fruit of a global approach, which respects both humans and the environment. Hand in hand for a fair future.